Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The bait and switch

The picture I first saw was of a somewhat scruffalicious meaty lipped Hispanic type.  I said hello and threw caution to the wind to see if I'd get at least a hello back.  Chat rooms on your phone.  Cute but not cute.  He replied!  So, after a few back and forths, some very "this is a small world" commonalities arose that made the conversation flow quite easily. A lot of it was about how we shared some eerily close geographical background and possibly even relatives.  We made a few jokes about possibly being kissing cousins and after a few more words about details that would rule our we were not related, we made a date to meet up. 

When trying  to work out the details of when and where, dinner / food was the general idea.  I said something to the effect of "not really feeling like anything fancy", casual would be better.  Somehow that didn't really connect or he just decided to dismiss it and override my wishes.  He made a push for semi fancy.  I was mildly annoyed at that, but said what the heck.  At least the place he suggested wasn't but a few minutes drive away.

As I walked up to the restaurant, down a wide hallway that reminded me of an oldey timey sort of mall, I took in the scene, and made an effort to spot him out before he spotted me.  As I got closer, I didn't see anyone that resembled the picture of the scruffy masculine (or at least moderately manly) guy I saw on the app.  I swept my field of vision  and made eye contact with a well-shaven guy wearing glasses.  I wasn't even sure that was him.... it was.  Disappointment.  No Scruff.  Further disappointment, kinda fem.  Even more disappointment, snapped fingers while talking about something.  Ugh.  At least the food was good, and at least he wasn't creepy.  He just wasn't my type, if I had a type. 

It didn't help he was undefined in a way that made him even more generically stereotypical gay femmy nerd.  I don't mean that in a mean way.  I have had friends that fit that exact profile and love them to death, but this is a date, or at least was made to feel like a date due to the expense of the dining experience.

It may lead to a friendship sometime in the near future, but no loins will be stirring enough any time soon to make me want to make out with him, or take it further into the romantic spectrum. 

Gay app bait and switch.  Still not sure if it was intentional.  =/