Saturday, March 10, 2012

Loves me a raw fish

Last night, I met up with a guy for sushi.  I had been communicating with him for a few weeks now, maybe a month, and didn't think a meeting would happen, and thought that if it did happen, we had been putting so much anticipation into it, that it would just lead to disappiontment due to all the pumping up that happens in one's own head that makes for unreasonable expectations from the whole process.

He was actually a nice guy, and as good looking as his images, even a bit more so.  This one is also a bit of an enigma though, since I'm not sure exactly where he stood.  Either way, he may end up being a pretty good friend if we each make an effort to get together more often. 

He needs to learn to open doors and hold them, though. 

Play with my what??!

So Thursday night I had get together #2 with the guy I met this past weekend that I was all excited about.  He's sexy, smart, pretty decent personality, but I'm getting mixed signals from him, and after a mostly decent evening on Thursday, he said something that made me like him a bit less... So as I was dropping him off at his place and we kissed a bit, he starts playing with his crotch.  He was getting a hard-on and he even placed my hand on it so that I could feel it.  It felt pretty good.  Decent size, and as I was grabbing it through his pants, I felt something that pleased me quite a bit.  The way that it was moving under my hand told me he was uncut.  Yum.  Big plus.  The next thing he said wasn't so yum.  He said, "I wish I could be playing with your ass right now."  Ummmm, yeah, not so much.  I don't like my ass being "played with".  I've never been big on that.  I mean, am I wired oddly, or what's the deal?  I am very much a potentially versatile guy with the right guy, under the right conditions and with the right inspiration.  I love getting fucked if the mood is right and I'm really into my partner.  Love it.  But I HATE my ass being "played with". 

My definition of "playing with an ass":  1: Putting fingers, dildos, inside the ass, teasingly, or not so teasingly.  2: Teasing the butthole with the penis.  3:  Any other foreplay method that is not actual continual, normal, rythmic penetration with the penis.

I'm so not into that.  I also hate when a guy pulls out, looks at the gaping butt and then sticks it back in, muttering or saying something about the butt.  Or when they pull out, tease, maybe spit at the hole and then put it back in.  Or when they do a regular, pull out, tease, put back in and resume, followed by another pull out and repeat.  Yeah, not so much.  So, I didn't really say anything when he said that, since I was thinking in my head... "Oh man, he's one of those!". 

When he gets back into town, I'll try and bring up the subject and see what that was all about.  I have a feeling it's what I think it is.  He's one of those...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Two in one day, Heinz 57 all the way!!

I was thinking halfway through the day in between dates about something my ex told me regarding how I need to say yes a lot more and stop saying no so much.  Well, if he knew I was keeping this blog, he'd be pretty proud, I think.  I had two dates today.  I started speaking to the first one yesterday afternoon.  I had made first contact with him and thought he looked handsome in his picture.  He had a great, honest smile.  I could tell that although he was wearing a cap, he was bald.  I thought it wouldn't matter much.  I can't tell either way, though, since during our date he never did take off his cap.  He turned out to be a nice guy, and potentially might be a cool friend to have.  I didn't feel any physical attraction for him in person though... at least not past the first few seconds, since upon first seeing his face, I thought he looked really cute.  That faded upon further examination.  I hope he has friendship potential.  He seems like a really sweet and genuinely nice guy, except for the bitchy potential he mentioned himself pops up at times.  We'll see. 

Second date, just popped out of nowhere earlier today.  He messaged me.  He sent me a picture, which wasn't all that complimentary, but decided what the hell, he may be cuter in person.  I'm glad I followed my hunch.  He was sexy as heck.  He has one of those mouths that make me instantly want to kiss it... meaty lips, large smile.  Although his teeth weren't perfectly straight, his smile is quite easy and attractive.  I noticed a bit of an effeminate tinge, but not too much of one to be unattractive.  We hung out at the coffee place for a bit and then headed to grab a bite.  He had also suggested a movie, which I'm not big on during first meets due to the fact you can't talk and get to know more about the person you just met in that situation.  Since early on in the meeting, a large percentage of my desire was to kiss those lips, I made an exception and agreed to the movie suggestion.  I figured that the longer we hung out, the better my chance was to eventually get my wish.

There were some clumsy attempts on both our parts to reach for the other's hand during the movie.  Neither one was able to make the proper prompting to take the other's hand, so we didn't make that connection.  After the movie in the parking lot, though, I went ahead and made the move to lock lips, and it was so worth the wait.  Instant wood.  I even leaked a bit, and after talking about future plans later in the week and agreeing to seeing each other soon, I walked to my car with wood still firmly in place. 

I'm excited about this one.  He has beautiful brown eyes and look forward to looking into them again, hopefully with a longer makeout session from the beginning instead of at the end.  Wood came back just writing this. ugh.

I just remembered that flat billed cap guy hasn't returned the last text I sent yesterday.  I'm not sure if he's been too busy with stuff he mentioned he would be doing or if because of the fact he mentioned he wished he met me earlier, he may just not want to pursue anything.  I wouldn't mind seeing him again, but won't push it by sending another text.  I'm not sure I should call.  Either way, Heinz 57 has certainly gotten my attention.  He smelled good.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Out of left field date and makeout

Last night was supposed to be a pretty relaxed Friday night.  All I had planned was to go to the gym after work, head home, eat, and maybe watch some TV or Netflix.  Earlier in the day, I had been chatting with a few guys on my phone app.  A couple of them were pretty attractive and one was pretty charming, although very young. 

I continued chatting with them as I was working out at the gym, when out of left field, a new one sent me a message.  He looked kind of young and was wearing one of those flat-billed baseball caps in the style that the little neothugs like to do.  Something on his profile pointed to the fact that he was in college, so I considered it a saving grace that countered his potential neothugism, (which would include the potential for boring and trite conversation). 

We exchanged some basic compliments, talked about where we each were from, some wheather-related preferences and places we've lived in before and then he just popped the question and asked me what I was doing after the gym.  I said I had no plans.  He suggested we get together and I agreed.  What the heck.  His picture was cute, although borderline not my type, but I was in a very pliable mood.  We agreed to meet up at a restaurant nearby since neither one of us had had dinner yet.  I waited about 10 minutes until he got ready and drove from about a mile away. 

As I started walking from my car, he called and said he had arrived.  "That was quick.", I thought.  As I walked up to the front door of the restaurant, he was there waiting, and greeted me with a compliment.  His voice was masculine, his eyes large and framed by nice eyelashes but on the flip side, it seemed he "did" his eyebrows.  They were smaller than they naturally should be, but not in sharp edges, more like in a neat almost perfect rectangles.  I wondered what he would look like if he didn't pluck / wax them.  Probably better.  He was visibly nervous, which suprised me, because he seemed so confident, bold and masculine.  It was charming.  There were points in the conversation which felt a bit stalled and just a tad awkward, but it didn't last long. 

The date was nice enough, the guy seemed to have a good heart and he has a good head on his shoulders.  After dinner, he offered to drive me to my car.  He obviously wanted to make out in the car.  I wasn't sure about if that would be a good idea, but my curiosity got the best of me.  I wanted to see how he kissed.  So, he dropped me off at my car, and he made the move.  At first, it was soft and sweet with just lips involved.  Within a few seconds, the tongues made their debut.  I liked how he kissed.  At times, I saw him looking at me.  There's always been that thing about guys who kiss with their eyes open and those that usually close them, and those that go back and forth between the two.  I'm usually an eyes closed one.  That really close-up eye contact is sometimes either a bit too intense or just feels odd.  Other times, it's intensely intimate and hot. 

The only red flag with this guy is what he might look like naked.  Although his arms were thick and looked muscular, his mid section could be a bit gooey.  He did mention his legs were muscular.  I'd like to see.  When we finished making out, I got a glimpse of his boner.  I hope it's a nice looking penis.  I'll admit, I don't much like an ugly penis... even if it's big.  If it's not an attractive penis, it presents quite a challenge.  There, I said it.  I'm not a size queen.  I prefer a handsome penis to a huge ugly one any day.

He actually looked sexier in person

A couple of days before the bait and switch, I had a pretty cool coffee meet and greet and some pretty cool conversation with a guy that turned out to be sexier in person than his picture.  He looked a bit slimmer in person, as well as softer in demanor than I had expected.  That was a good thing.  It's sometimes a bad dichotomy to appreciate- a somewhat rough outside with a gooey, sensitive inside.  It's as rare as a whiff of a fart in a wind storm.

Since we enjoyed each other's company, we had made plans to meet again a couple of days later, and had decided on a movie at home, most likely Netflix.  

We settled on me meeting him after work, going out for dinner and then heading to his place fot the movie.  During the drive to the restaurant, I noticed he slouched a bit when he drove, which was just an observation rather than an idiosyncracy that annoyed me.  It was cute on him, actually.  One of the things that I most found attractive about him so far was that he acted like a normal guy.  Not butch, not fem, just a guy.  That's the epitome of sexy in my book.  Someone who is just himself, without outside affectactions or over-rehearsed imitations of someone else they want to emulate.  I enjoyed his company except for the occasional awkward glance which put me slightly ill-at-ease for a split second. 

We arrived at the restaurant, got out of the car and again and awkward moment while he walked ahead of me and had me follow a couple of paces behind him as if I were wearing a burka.  Felt oddly familiar as my ex would often walk ahead of me many times and would annoy the shit out of me.  I thought, "not another one of those!" 

Before we we entered the restaurant, he made a comment about how his friends had recommended it to him and how he hoped it wouldn't disappoint since there were a couple of others he had been to and really liked.  As we entered, we notice only about three other tables, out of about 20 that were sat and eating.  "Bad sign?" I thought, thinking it may be a reflection on the food. 

We made casual conversation about types of foods we liked, some we didn't and some we had tried and thought horrible.  I threw in a borrowed anecdote that I thought would be humorous about trying pigeon at a Chinese restaurant once and thought it gross that the bird was served with its head still attached.  Score, he laughed heartily at my story. 

The waitress twice came by to see if we were ready to order.  Our conversation was ahead of our hunger, so after the third try, we finally gave her our order... and another plus- he didn't mind sharing. 

Dinner overall, turned out alright.  We split the check.  Dutch is good.

Back at his place for the movie portion, we watched a movie that reminded me a lot about conversations I have heard and had and heard others have had as well.  The argument about how some gay guys see gay marriage, gay relationships and all that that entails as copycat versions of straight relationships and how these shouldn't apply to us and that we should create relationships that are more relevant to us.  The other side of the argument is that the straight relationship model is universal and we all naturally gravitate to it.  I agree with the latter and think the former is just for those really free spirits that don't want to be tied down and live a care-free artistic life with new and exciting experiences free of convention.  My date said he agreed with my viewpoint, but for some reason, I wasn't convinced.  We'll see...

The date ended up after the movie with a bit more conversation about some family issues with one of his siblings and how it's affected the whole family and shortly thereafter, we made out and messed around a bit.  That part was disappointing.  His body wasn't bad, but it was also soft and untoned.  At least he had a nice ass.  Maybe he's a bottom... we didn't go there yet.  Not sure if there will be a next time.  He's a nice guy though.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The bait and switch

The picture I first saw was of a somewhat scruffalicious meaty lipped Hispanic type.  I said hello and threw caution to the wind to see if I'd get at least a hello back.  Chat rooms on your phone.  Cute but not cute.  He replied!  So, after a few back and forths, some very "this is a small world" commonalities arose that made the conversation flow quite easily. A lot of it was about how we shared some eerily close geographical background and possibly even relatives.  We made a few jokes about possibly being kissing cousins and after a few more words about details that would rule our we were not related, we made a date to meet up. 

When trying  to work out the details of when and where, dinner / food was the general idea.  I said something to the effect of "not really feeling like anything fancy", casual would be better.  Somehow that didn't really connect or he just decided to dismiss it and override my wishes.  He made a push for semi fancy.  I was mildly annoyed at that, but said what the heck.  At least the place he suggested wasn't but a few minutes drive away.

As I walked up to the restaurant, down a wide hallway that reminded me of an oldey timey sort of mall, I took in the scene, and made an effort to spot him out before he spotted me.  As I got closer, I didn't see anyone that resembled the picture of the scruffy masculine (or at least moderately manly) guy I saw on the app.  I swept my field of vision  and made eye contact with a well-shaven guy wearing glasses.  I wasn't even sure that was him.... it was.  Disappointment.  No Scruff.  Further disappointment, kinda fem.  Even more disappointment, snapped fingers while talking about something.  Ugh.  At least the food was good, and at least he wasn't creepy.  He just wasn't my type, if I had a type. 

It didn't help he was undefined in a way that made him even more generically stereotypical gay femmy nerd.  I don't mean that in a mean way.  I have had friends that fit that exact profile and love them to death, but this is a date, or at least was made to feel like a date due to the expense of the dining experience.

It may lead to a friendship sometime in the near future, but no loins will be stirring enough any time soon to make me want to make out with him, or take it further into the romantic spectrum. 

Gay app bait and switch.  Still not sure if it was intentional.  =/