Saturday, March 3, 2012

He actually looked sexier in person

A couple of days before the bait and switch, I had a pretty cool coffee meet and greet and some pretty cool conversation with a guy that turned out to be sexier in person than his picture.  He looked a bit slimmer in person, as well as softer in demanor than I had expected.  That was a good thing.  It's sometimes a bad dichotomy to appreciate- a somewhat rough outside with a gooey, sensitive inside.  It's as rare as a whiff of a fart in a wind storm.

Since we enjoyed each other's company, we had made plans to meet again a couple of days later, and had decided on a movie at home, most likely Netflix.  

We settled on me meeting him after work, going out for dinner and then heading to his place fot the movie.  During the drive to the restaurant, I noticed he slouched a bit when he drove, which was just an observation rather than an idiosyncracy that annoyed me.  It was cute on him, actually.  One of the things that I most found attractive about him so far was that he acted like a normal guy.  Not butch, not fem, just a guy.  That's the epitome of sexy in my book.  Someone who is just himself, without outside affectactions or over-rehearsed imitations of someone else they want to emulate.  I enjoyed his company except for the occasional awkward glance which put me slightly ill-at-ease for a split second. 

We arrived at the restaurant, got out of the car and again and awkward moment while he walked ahead of me and had me follow a couple of paces behind him as if I were wearing a burka.  Felt oddly familiar as my ex would often walk ahead of me many times and would annoy the shit out of me.  I thought, "not another one of those!" 

Before we we entered the restaurant, he made a comment about how his friends had recommended it to him and how he hoped it wouldn't disappoint since there were a couple of others he had been to and really liked.  As we entered, we notice only about three other tables, out of about 20 that were sat and eating.  "Bad sign?" I thought, thinking it may be a reflection on the food. 

We made casual conversation about types of foods we liked, some we didn't and some we had tried and thought horrible.  I threw in a borrowed anecdote that I thought would be humorous about trying pigeon at a Chinese restaurant once and thought it gross that the bird was served with its head still attached.  Score, he laughed heartily at my story. 

The waitress twice came by to see if we were ready to order.  Our conversation was ahead of our hunger, so after the third try, we finally gave her our order... and another plus- he didn't mind sharing. 

Dinner overall, turned out alright.  We split the check.  Dutch is good.

Back at his place for the movie portion, we watched a movie that reminded me a lot about conversations I have heard and had and heard others have had as well.  The argument about how some gay guys see gay marriage, gay relationships and all that that entails as copycat versions of straight relationships and how these shouldn't apply to us and that we should create relationships that are more relevant to us.  The other side of the argument is that the straight relationship model is universal and we all naturally gravitate to it.  I agree with the latter and think the former is just for those really free spirits that don't want to be tied down and live a care-free artistic life with new and exciting experiences free of convention.  My date said he agreed with my viewpoint, but for some reason, I wasn't convinced.  We'll see...

The date ended up after the movie with a bit more conversation about some family issues with one of his siblings and how it's affected the whole family and shortly thereafter, we made out and messed around a bit.  That part was disappointing.  His body wasn't bad, but it was also soft and untoned.  At least he had a nice ass.  Maybe he's a bottom... we didn't go there yet.  Not sure if there will be a next time.  He's a nice guy though.