Saturday, March 10, 2012

Loves me a raw fish

Last night, I met up with a guy for sushi.  I had been communicating with him for a few weeks now, maybe a month, and didn't think a meeting would happen, and thought that if it did happen, we had been putting so much anticipation into it, that it would just lead to disappiontment due to all the pumping up that happens in one's own head that makes for unreasonable expectations from the whole process.

He was actually a nice guy, and as good looking as his images, even a bit more so.  This one is also a bit of an enigma though, since I'm not sure exactly where he stood.  Either way, he may end up being a pretty good friend if we each make an effort to get together more often. 

He needs to learn to open doors and hold them, though. 


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  4. Hope all is well for you. I love this notes! Love is freedom; not interested in anything else and I love and am loved…thanks for sharing your story!

    xoxo Manda@Adam4Adam