Saturday, March 10, 2012

Play with my what??!

So Thursday night I had get together #2 with the guy I met this past weekend that I was all excited about.  He's sexy, smart, pretty decent personality, but I'm getting mixed signals from him, and after a mostly decent evening on Thursday, he said something that made me like him a bit less... So as I was dropping him off at his place and we kissed a bit, he starts playing with his crotch.  He was getting a hard-on and he even placed my hand on it so that I could feel it.  It felt pretty good.  Decent size, and as I was grabbing it through his pants, I felt something that pleased me quite a bit.  The way that it was moving under my hand told me he was uncut.  Yum.  Big plus.  The next thing he said wasn't so yum.  He said, "I wish I could be playing with your ass right now."  Ummmm, yeah, not so much.  I don't like my ass being "played with".  I've never been big on that.  I mean, am I wired oddly, or what's the deal?  I am very much a potentially versatile guy with the right guy, under the right conditions and with the right inspiration.  I love getting fucked if the mood is right and I'm really into my partner.  Love it.  But I HATE my ass being "played with". 

My definition of "playing with an ass":  1: Putting fingers, dildos, inside the ass, teasingly, or not so teasingly.  2: Teasing the butthole with the penis.  3:  Any other foreplay method that is not actual continual, normal, rythmic penetration with the penis.

I'm so not into that.  I also hate when a guy pulls out, looks at the gaping butt and then sticks it back in, muttering or saying something about the butt.  Or when they pull out, tease, maybe spit at the hole and then put it back in.  Or when they do a regular, pull out, tease, put back in and resume, followed by another pull out and repeat.  Yeah, not so much.  So, I didn't really say anything when he said that, since I was thinking in my head... "Oh man, he's one of those!". 

When he gets back into town, I'll try and bring up the subject and see what that was all about.  I have a feeling it's what I think it is.  He's one of those...


  1. That's seems to be a pretty good date overall, the descriptions are quite explicit, but still I think that's the way gay adult dating is, it an be hardcore at times, but it is necessary that we take dating in a fun sort of way as it will help us the learn more about what we like. What we are not comfortable with should surely be done away with.