Sunday, March 4, 2012

Two in one day, Heinz 57 all the way!!

I was thinking halfway through the day in between dates about something my ex told me regarding how I need to say yes a lot more and stop saying no so much.  Well, if he knew I was keeping this blog, he'd be pretty proud, I think.  I had two dates today.  I started speaking to the first one yesterday afternoon.  I had made first contact with him and thought he looked handsome in his picture.  He had a great, honest smile.  I could tell that although he was wearing a cap, he was bald.  I thought it wouldn't matter much.  I can't tell either way, though, since during our date he never did take off his cap.  He turned out to be a nice guy, and potentially might be a cool friend to have.  I didn't feel any physical attraction for him in person though... at least not past the first few seconds, since upon first seeing his face, I thought he looked really cute.  That faded upon further examination.  I hope he has friendship potential.  He seems like a really sweet and genuinely nice guy, except for the bitchy potential he mentioned himself pops up at times.  We'll see. 

Second date, just popped out of nowhere earlier today.  He messaged me.  He sent me a picture, which wasn't all that complimentary, but decided what the hell, he may be cuter in person.  I'm glad I followed my hunch.  He was sexy as heck.  He has one of those mouths that make me instantly want to kiss it... meaty lips, large smile.  Although his teeth weren't perfectly straight, his smile is quite easy and attractive.  I noticed a bit of an effeminate tinge, but not too much of one to be unattractive.  We hung out at the coffee place for a bit and then headed to grab a bite.  He had also suggested a movie, which I'm not big on during first meets due to the fact you can't talk and get to know more about the person you just met in that situation.  Since early on in the meeting, a large percentage of my desire was to kiss those lips, I made an exception and agreed to the movie suggestion.  I figured that the longer we hung out, the better my chance was to eventually get my wish.

There were some clumsy attempts on both our parts to reach for the other's hand during the movie.  Neither one was able to make the proper prompting to take the other's hand, so we didn't make that connection.  After the movie in the parking lot, though, I went ahead and made the move to lock lips, and it was so worth the wait.  Instant wood.  I even leaked a bit, and after talking about future plans later in the week and agreeing to seeing each other soon, I walked to my car with wood still firmly in place. 

I'm excited about this one.  He has beautiful brown eyes and look forward to looking into them again, hopefully with a longer makeout session from the beginning instead of at the end.  Wood came back just writing this. ugh.

I just remembered that flat billed cap guy hasn't returned the last text I sent yesterday.  I'm not sure if he's been too busy with stuff he mentioned he would be doing or if because of the fact he mentioned he wished he met me earlier, he may just not want to pursue anything.  I wouldn't mind seeing him again, but won't push it by sending another text.  I'm not sure I should call.  Either way, Heinz 57 has certainly gotten my attention.  He smelled good.